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The Happy Napkins Story
From the Mother:

One day when my oldest daughter was nine years old she said she wasn’t having a very good time at school.  She said the kids were starting a new line in the lunch room so they would not have to sit next to her.  My heart sank.  I knew this was one problem I could not easily fix. She seemed so young to have to suffer that kind of hurt. I wanted to reach out to her in the middle of the day and do something to make her feel better. That’s when writing notes on the inside of her napkins became a daily ritual.  The most important lesson for me was several months later when she left her own note to Santa on a napkin next to the plate of cookies. It said “Santa, thanks for sticking by me”. I realized at a new heartfelt level  children will copy being kind.           

From Winky: 

When I was little I came to live with a new mommy.  I didn’t have many friends and I usually didn’t have many good days at school.  One day I opened my lunch box and found a piece of paper with writing on the inside.  It made the rest of the day for me.  Pretty soon a lot of the kids knew my mommy wrote special stuff on my napkins, but no one knew what the napkins said except me.  All the kids started asking me, “what did your mom write today?”  I loved the attention.  This year at Christmas, when I left cookies for Santa I left my own note.  I told Santa, “thanks for sticking by me.”  My mommy kept that napkin a long time because when it is given with love the last thing we want to do is wipe our mouths on it and throw it away.  It’s important to tell those we love that we love them, so please remember to pass the napkins.   - Winky

Product Concept:
The idea for Happy Napkins came from a harried working mother’s desire to reach out to her child in the middle of the day with a loving message.  The overall impact of these napkin messages helped to encourage a stronger self esteem and made the child feel happy in the moment, thus the name “Happy Napkins”.  The concept of giving a loved one a written message designed to show love and support is the cornerstone premise of the greeting card industry.  Happy Napkins addresses that same principal in simple straight forward, meaningful language using a new idea on a product well received since 1930, the paper napkin.    

The Product:
Happy Napkins are 2 ply folded white dinner napkins with the messages printed in black ink on the inside.   A small Happy Napkins logo is on the front outside corner of the napkin.  The napkins are shrink wrapped 12 to a package with a graphically designed cover in yellow red and black to create instant visual appeal.  A picture of each napkin with message is shown on the back cover.   There are 96 packages per case.
Product Appeal:
To date there are no other paper napkin products readily available today that offers the consumer the number and unique variety of messages found in one package.  For less than the cost of one greeting card the consumer can produce the same “good feeling” effect 12 times. Introduced at faculty meetings, neighborhood gatherings, church suppers and in classrooms, Happy Napkins had universal appeal among all age groups.  With messages printed inside the napkin, similar in concepts to a fortune cookie, people really liked the element of surprise.  Offering a variety pack of 12 different messages, we found that in small groups or packed in lunches, no two messages were the same and like a greeting card, everyone liked having a message uniquely their own.  When describing the quality of the 2 ply dinner size napkin, the President of one of the cities most prestigious marketing firms described it best when he said “this napkin is good enough to use when eating bar-b-que ribs!”     

The Corporate Mission:
The mission of Happy Napkins Inc. is to successfully create and market products that up lift the human spirit.  A secondary but equally important component is the plan for a portion of the profits to support special programs for children.      

The most kindness you will find for $2.99!  Retail price for Happy Napkins is $2.99 per package.  The napkins are sold via the internet and come in a 3 pack bundle.  Check out Happynapkins.com.    For larger quantities or fundraising each case contains 96 packages (two 48 piece trays with header).  . 

F.O.B. Memphis, TN