the happy and snappy napkins mission
The mission of Happy Napkins Inc. is to create and market products that uplift the human spirit. A second but equally important goal is to share a portion of the profits with special programs for children.

"Life is very short. We do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those who travel with us. So be swift to love. Make haste to be kind. Remember and respond to the poor and oppressed. Be graciously affectionate to one another. May the God of Peace be with you today and every day of your life."

—Henri Amiel
A special interest of the Happy Napkins Corporation is helping disadvantaged children and their families in becoming the best they can be. In addition to donating to children's charities, a long term goal is to provide a funding source for foster care nationally for the development and support of a new program that eliminates the need for separating children from their families during crisis.