Just what is a Snappy Napkin?

A Snappy Napkin is a quality napkin with two adhesive tabs at the top. Remove the liners from the tabs and the napkin will fit perfectly in place across your chest. Perfect for Babies to Boomers and beyond. Dine with Dignity everyday with a Snappy Napkin and not a bib.

“No more drops on your tops
No more pie on your tie
No more mess on your dress
No more dirt on your shirt.”

Save big on dry cleaning and laundry bills.

Story of Snappy Napkins

When I was in nursing school we had to visit nursing homes.  It made me sad to see all of those sweet old people (ok…some not so sweet) sit at meal times with towels stuffed up under their chins or bibs being tied around their necks like babies. There was not much dignity left.  Today there is a better way.  Snappy Napkins have adhesive tabs that allow the napkin to be quickly and simply put in place where it’s needed most. With Snappy Napkins people “dine with dignity everyday”.

Quick, Caring  and  Cost Effective

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