Heart Warming Stories from Happy Napkins
  • I love these napkins. On my birthday my husband went through the pack and picked one out just for me.  He put a $100.00 bill in it as a surprise.  He picked out, ďThe world is full of special treasures and you are one of them.Ē  I was so surprised. He doesnít usually do things like that. 
  • The reason I believe so much in Happy Napkins is because I have a similar story like Susanís.  My son lost his dad to cancer and he went from being the sweetest, loving boy to yelling and talking back to anyone and everyone. For the next 2 years I must have traveled to the school to give him an attitude adjustment a dozen times a semester.  Well, I listened to Susanís story during a meeting and since she gave us samples I decided to give it a try.  I have not been to school, nor has the teacher called me for any reason.  As a matter of fact when we had our teacher meeting, she called to say she did not have anything to report and that my son was fine and a joy!  Thank heavens for Happy Napkins.
  • My name is Lucille, and I had the happy of experience of demonstrating Happy Napkins.  It was a fun day, had lots of fun, and sold the napkins.  Why donít you do TV ads and videos with ways to use the napkins?  For example, this is what I do: use the napkins in gift bags instead of tissue, in my husbandís lunch, in his suit coat pocket, in birthday cards, on gifts instead of bows.